William M'Maroo
Born ca. 1971

May 26, 1988(1988-05-26) (aged 17)
Linjoka, Kenya

Cause of death Fell down a ditch
Attack information
Date May 26, 1988
Location(s) Linjoka, Kenya
Target(s) Family
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Axe

William M'Maroo was a Kenyan teenager who killed six people in Linjoka, a village in Meru North District, Kenya on May 26, 1988.

M'Maroo, who had returned home on May 21 from Mombasa, where he wanted to sell miraa, took an axe and killed his stepmother Mathheta M'Imana, his 4-year-old stepsister, his stepmother's uncle, his stepmother's cousin, as well as a neighbor, and another man. Chased by 600 villagers the 17-year-old fled the crime scene, but eventually fell to his death when plunging down a 40-foot deep ditch.[1][2][3][4][5]


  • Mathheta M'Imana, M'Maroo's stepmother


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