Weilheim familicide
Date January 22/23, 1917
Location(s) Weilheim, German Reich
Target(s) Family
Killed 6
Perpetrator Hecker/Uecker
Weapon(s) Bread knife

During the night from January 22 to January 23, 1917 a woman surnamed Hecker, or Uecker, killed her six children by cutting their throats with a bread knife in Weilheim, German Reich.

The woman, who had been suffering from depression for a long time and had repeatedly threatened to kill herself, then committed suicide by slashing her own throat. She left a letter for her husband, who was serving at a command in the Hunsrück.

The crime was discovered when someone was sent to her home to investigate, because the children, who were aged between 3 and 13 years, had not appeared at school. The bodies of four of the children were found on the ground floor, while the two remaining children and Hecker herself, who showed signs of a fight, apparently with her oldest son, lay dead on the first floor.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


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