Wasyl Tymkow
Occupation Farmer
Born ca. 1906
Attack information
Date February 10, 1937
Location(s) Krasne, Second Polish Republic
Killed 6
Injured 1
Weapon(s) Rifle

Wasyl Tymkow (also identified as Bazyli Tymkow) was a Polish farmer who killed six people and wounded a seventh in Krasne, a village near Kalush, Second Polish Republic on February 10, 1937.[1][2][3][4]

Tymkow was sentenced to seven years for murder and was released from the prison in Stanisławów in June 1936, whereupon he returned to his native village Krasne. There he became depressed, often expressed his grudge against those people who had testified against him in court, and eventually made a plan to take revenge on them. At the same time he had a dispute with some of his relatives about property.[5]

On the evening of February 10 Tymkow armed himself with a sawn-off rifle and ammunition and went to the home of his sister Anastazja Sołożyn. After a brief argument he gunned down Anastazja, her husband Stefan, and their two children Olga and Oleksy and then went to a nearby cooperative where he lured the manager ‎Onufry Kilczewski, one of the witnesses at his trial, out to the street and seriously wounded him with two shots that hit him in the side and arm. Subsequently the 30-year-old made his way to the houses of Paraska Pawliczkowa and Anastazja Kecmanowa, who had also testified against him, and killed both of them by shooting them through the window. He then attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself twice in the head. Overall the rampage had lasted for about 15 minutes. Tymkow and Kilczewski, who were taken to the General Hospital in Kalush, were reportedly in hopeless condition.[5][6][7][8]


  • Anastazja Sołożyn, 36, his sister
  • Stefan Sołożyn, 40, husband of Anastazja Sołożyn
  • Olga Sołożyn, 11, daughter of Stefan and Nastuni Solozyn
  • Oleksy Sołożyn, 6, son of Stefan and Nastuni Solozyn
  • Anastazja Kecmanowa
  • Paraska Pawliczkowa/Pawłyszko

Wounded was Onufry Kilczewski/Kulczycki.


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