Wang Mingfang and Wang Mingchao
Born ca. 1968 (Wang Mingfang)
ca. 1971 (Wang Mingchao)
Attack information
Date February 17, 1981
2:30 a.m. – 5:40 a.m.
Location(s) Fudong, People's Republic of China
Killed 21
Injured 2-5
Weapon(s) Automatic rifle
Type 51 semi-automatic pistol

Wang Mingfang (Chinese: 王明芳) and Wang Mingchao (Chinese: 王明超) were two Chinese brothers who killed 21 people and wounded at least two others in Fudong (福洞镇), a town near Helong, People's Republic of China on February 17, 1981, before being arrested.[1]


  • Xu Bingfa (徐炳发)
  • Chen Kaida (陈凯打)
  • Xie Kechang (谢科长)
  • Yu Deqin (于德琴)
  • Wang Wenbin (王文彬)
  • Wang Lijuan (王丽娟), daughter of Wang Wenbin
  • Peng Youxin (彭友信)
  • Liu Yuqing (刘玉清), wife of Peng Youxin
  • Peng Wei (彭伟), daughter of Peng Youxin and Liu Yuqing
  • Li Yin (李印)
  • 4 members of Li Yin's family
  • Li Shusen (李树森)
  • Li Shusen's oldest son
  • Li Shusen's second daughter
  • Li Shusen's mother-in-law
  • Li Shusen's niece
  • Liu Peiyu (刘沛雨)
  • Qin Zhongsong (秦忠松)

Wounded were:

  • Zhang Shiqing (张世清)
  • Li Weiping (李卫平)


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