Włodzimierz Dąmbski
Włodzimierz Dąmbski
Background information
Born ca. 1870
Penalty Found to be insane
Attack information
Date February 15, 1904
Location(s) Warsaw, Russian Empire
Killed 3
Injured 20+
Weapon(s) Rifle or Shotgun

Włodzimierz Dąmbski was a Polish count who killed at least three people and wounded at least twenty others when firing at people in the street from a hotel balcony in Warsaw, Congress Poland, Russian Empire on February 15, 1904. He was arrested by police after a several hours long siege and found to be insane.[1][2][3][4][5]


Wlodzimierz Dambski street

Złotą Street where the shooting occurred. House No. 4 is the first one on the right side.

On February 14, 1904 Dąmbski went to the restaurant Stępkowskiego at Theatre Square in Warsaw where he had been a regular guest and ordered all the dishes on the menu. He then produced two pistols and a belt with ammunution and threatened to start shooting indiscriminately, if they failed to comply. He was taken to one of the booths and while waiters began to serve him police was called.

When a number of officers arrived Dąmbski told them that he was the Austrian Emperor and felt insulted. He grabbed his weapons, left the restaurant and escaped the policemen by jumping into a coach and ordering the driver to take him to his home at Złotą Street No. 4. There he produced a revolver from his coat and fired two shots at the caretaker, injuring him, and afterwards rushed to his apartment on the first floor, where he armed himself with a double-barreled shotgun. From the baclony of his apartment he then fired at passers-by and at people inside neighbouring houses [6][7][8][9][10][11][12]


  • Franciszek Art, 49
  • Pawek Cisiak, 19

Among those wounded were:

  • Władysław Fligel, 33
  • Stanisław Giegurzyński, 19
  • Władysław Kamiński
  • Alfred Kobierzycki, 36
  • Juljan Korbul, 18
  • Franciszek Kowalewski, 22
  • Michał Kulikow, 34
  • Helena Łodzińska, 15
  • Marjanna Łogiewiczowa, 42
  • Nolly
  • Jan Pakuła, 40
  • Klemens Pawłowski, 10
  • Stanisław Pawłowski, 24
  • Pleczko
  • Feliks Rajpert, 17
  • Marja Sęk, 24
  • Anna Trypnerowa, 50


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