Tomás Temu Morente
Born ca. 1968
Attack information
Date October 20/21, 1994
Location(s) San Bernardino & San Antonio Suchitepéquez, Guatemala
Killed 8
Weapon(s) Machete

Tomás Temu Morente was a Guatemalan who killed eight people in San Bernardino and San Antonio Suchitepéquez, Guatemala during the night from October 20 to October 21, 1994.[1]

The 26-year-old, who was apparently mentally ill, under the influence of drugs, and in the belief to be the incarnation of Satan, killed eight men between the ages of 25 and 60 with a machete, dismembered most of his victims by chopping off their arms and legs, and knelt down after each murder to cross himself.[2][3]

In a TV-interview, responding to the question why he had committed the murders, he simply said: "I don't know."[4]


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