Tian Zhaokai
Occupation Farmer

November 1998
Yunnan, China

Cause of death Shot by police
Spouse(s) Huang Zumei
Attack information
Date November 1998
Location(s) Wugu, China
Killed 7
Injured 2
Weapon(s) Pistol

Tian Zhaokai was a Chinese farmer who killed seven people and wounded two others in Wugu, a village in Yunnan, China in November 1998, before being shot dead by police.

Tian and his wife Huang Zumei were on their way to Huang's mother to perform a traditional ceremony after their recent marriage, but when Tian lost the sacrificial chicken a quarrel broke out between the two, during which Tian drew a pistol and threatend to shoot his wife, if she would not stop arguing. When she ran away the farmer stabbed her to death with a knife and then proceeded into Wugu village, where he shot dead six people and wounded two more. He then fled and took refuge in a forest, but was eventually discovered by police and killed, when he resisted arrest.[1][2][3]


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