Tank amok case
Date April 12, 1914
Location(s) Tank, British Raj
Killed 6
Injured 2
Perpetrator Soldier
Weapon(s) Mauser rifle

On April 12, 1914 a Mahsud orderly attached to major George Dodd, the political agent of Waziristan, killed six people and wounded two others in Tank, British Raj.[1][2][3][4]

That evening, just after sunset, the orderly armed himself with a Mauser rifle and softnosed bullets, and took position in a ditch near Dodd's bungalow. From there he fired at captain G. Brown, who was sitting with Dodd outside the building, and fatally hit him in the back. He died the following night.[5] With a second shot the orderly hit major Dodd in the thigh, who succumbed to this wound on April 15,[5] and afterwards shot a native constable and a watchman who rushed to the scene, killing the former and wounding the latter.

While an unnamed officer and a second watchman carried Brown into the building, lieutenant G. Hickie took a revolver and rushed outside to engage the gunman, but was shot dead when he approached his hideout. After shooting Hickie, the orderly killed two native constables, who went to the ditch to investigate, and then wounded the second watchman, while he and the officer were trying to rescue major Dodd. The officer carried Dodd into the bungalow, before searching for the gunman together with seven or eight constables. By the time he was eventually found and killed, the orderly had fired eight shots, each of which had hit its target. The reason for the shooting was supposedly vengeance for a fancied wrong.[6][7][8][9][10]


Among those killed were:

  • Captain G. B. Brown
  • Major George Dodd, 42[11]
  • Lieutenant G. W. C. Hickie


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