Sudden mass assault syndrome with homicide (often abbreviated as SMASH) is a term introduced by Joseph Westermeyer in 1982 in his scientific essay "Amok", to describe amok-like cases perpetrated by non-Malays. The term was defined as a sudden, though not necessarily unplanned outburst of violent behavior in which an individual randomly attacks people in a public setting. According to Westermeyer, the attack should also be condemned by the community, and at least one fatality must be caused by the actions of the perpetrator to limit the cases to those most severe.[1]


  1. Westermeyer, Joseph: Amok, in Friedmann, Claude T. H. & Faguet, Robert Andrew (eds.): Extraordinary disorders of human behavior; Plenum Press, 1982. (pp. 173 - 190)

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