Stephen Lawrence Anderson
Stephen Lawrence Anderson
Background information
Born 1973
Parents Neville Robin Anderson
Helen Anderson
Attack information
Date February 8, 1997
Location(s) Raurimu, New Zealand
Killed 6
Injured 4
Weapon(s) Shotgun

Stephen Lawrence Anderson is a New Zealander who killed six people and wounded four others in Raurimu, New Zealand on February 8, 1997.


  • Neville Robin Anderson, 60, Anderson's father
  • Andrea Joy Brander, 52
  • Stephen Mark Hanson, 38
  • John Frederick Matthews, 28
  • Anthony Gordon McCarty, 63
  • Henk Van de Wetering, 51

Those wounded were:

  • Isabel McCarty
  • Evelyn Spencer
  • Raymond Spencer
  • Rodney Van de Wetering


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