Serial and Mass Murder: Theory, Research and Policy
Serial & Mass Murder
Editor(s) Thomas O'Reilly-Fleming
Published 1996
Publisher Canadian Scholars' Press
Country Canada
Pages 184
ISBN 9781551300665

Serial and Mass Murder: Theory, Research and Policy is a book edited by Thomas O'Reilly-Fleming and published by Canadian Scholars' Press,Toronto in 1996.


Serial and Mass Murder: Theory, Research and Policy represents a unique volume. "The First International Conference on Serial and Mass Murder: Theory, Research and Policy" attracted the world's leading scholars in the field, many meeting each other for the first time. Their commitment was to furthering the level of theoretical and empirical understanding of these distinct forms of criminality. After a decade of significant research efforts, they felt that a turning point had been reached in the study of serial offenders, one that required more concentrated efforts at cooperative, multidisciplinary approaches to the study of multiple and mass murderers.

There has been an increasing need to find answers to many basic questions concerning the behaviour of the multiple murderer. This book serves as an infusion of knowledge based upon serious academic enquiry and as a balance to the more widely available popular literature.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter Page
Dedication iii
Acknowledgements vii
Contributors ix
Preface xiii
Thomas O'Reilly-Fleming
The Evolution of Multiple Murder in Historical Perspective
Elliott Leyton
Second Thoughts on Theoretical Approaches to Multiple Murder
Jack Levin and James Alan Fox
A Psycho-Social Analysis of Mass Murder
Janet Warren, Robert R. Hazelwood and Park Dietz
The Sexually Sadistic Serial Killer
Philip Jenkins
Serial Murder in England, Germany and the U.S.A.: 1900-1940
Mary Lorenz Dietz
Killing Sequentially: Expanding the Parameters of the Conceptualization of Serial and Mass Killers
Ideological Homicide R. S. Ratner
D. Kim Rossmo
Targeting Victims: Serial Killers and the Urban Environment
Candice Skrapec
The Sexual Component of Serial Murder
James Alan Fox and Jack Levin
Special Concerns of Surviving Victims of Multiple Murder: In Memory of the Victims of the Montreal Massacre

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