Author(s) Heide, Kathleen M.
Year 1999
Title School Shootings and School Violence: What's Going On and Why?
Published in Proceedings of the Homicide Research Working Group Meetings: 1997 & 1998; National Institute of Justice, Washington, D.C.
Link [1]
Abstract Recent data, although limited, suggest that school shootings and school violence have increased in the U.S. Social factors that are converging in the 1990s appear to be contributing to the youth violence problem. These

factors include institutional change, societal influences, and situational factors that affect some youths more than others. These variables make children and adolescents more vulnerable to behaving inappropriately and coping maladaptively than youths who have different life experiences. After the discussion of these social factors and their effects, individual factors that identify youths at greater risk of choosing violent solutions to life's challenges are highlighted.

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