Salambui amok case
Date January 15, 1873
Location(s) Salambui, Dutch East Indies
Killed 6
Injured 2+
Weapon(s) Klewang

On January 15, 1873 a farmer killed six people and wounded several others in Salambui, a village near Panyabungan, Dutch East Indies.[1]

The man, who was said the have been occasionally of unsound mind, came home that evening from his work in the fields and lay to rest, but was soon awakened by the light of someone walking past his house with a torch. Thinking that the person was an arsonist the farmer took his klewang, and was on the verge to run outside to kill the supposed fire raiser, but was stopped by his wife.

When she tried to calm him down, the farmer became even more furious, dragged her out into the street, and hit her several times with his klewang when other villagers came to help her. Believing his wife was dead he proceeded to attack the people rushing towards him, killing one man, and wounding another, and then began to set fire to the village.

He continued to set ablaze buildings and attacking those he came across, until he was eventually rendered harmless and disarmed by a group of villagers. By that time he had killed six men, including the village headman, and severely wounded several others. Since it was impossible for the villagers to extinguish the flames the fire spread rapidly, ultimately destroying 30 houses and 32 rice barns of a total of 90 buildings.[2][3][4]


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