Robert Skorupa
Occupation Miner
Attack information
Date May 29, 1931
Location(s) Knurów, Poland
Target(s) Family
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Axe

Robert Skorupa was a Polish miner who killed his six children in Knurów, Poland on May 29, 1931.[1][2][3]

Skorupa, who had twice suffered head injuries during the war and reportedly was mentally ill, uttered on a number of occasions to murder his family. According to his own testimony he was harassed by his employers, and when he was threatened with dismissal he pondered to kill his entire family to spare them a life in misery and commit suicide afterwards. After three days of deliberation he eventually decided to go through with his plan.

On the morning of May 29, at about 5 a. m., he was woken by his wife, and as soon as she had left the house to work in the fields he went outside and retrieved an axe. He then went to the room where his four oldest daughters were sleeping, attacked them in their beds and afterwards entered the room of his son Tadeusz and his daughter Gertruda and hacked them as well. Finally he attempted to end his own life by jumping out of the window. Four of the children died at the scene, while the remaining two were taken two hospital in desperate condition and died within 24 hours.

Skorupa himself was seriously injured, but survived and was interrogated by police the same afternoon. He readily confessed to and narrated the details of his crime, and only regreted not to have killed his wife as well. Stating that he was a murderer he demanded to be executed.[4][5][6][7][8]



  • Jadwiga Skorupa, 19, his daughter
  • Teresa Skorupa, 18, his daughter
  • Emilia Skorupa, 15, his daughter
  • Marta Skorupa, 14, his daughter
  • Gertruda Skorupa, 12, his daughter
  • Tadeusz Skorupa, 8, his son


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