Robert Bales
Robert Bales
Background information
Ethnicity White
Occupation Soldier
Penalty Life imprisonment
Spouse(s) Karilyn Bales
Attack information
Date March 11, 2012
03:00 AFT
Location(s) Najeeban and Alkozai, Afghanistan
Target(s) Afghan civilians
Killed 16
Injured 6
Weapon(s) M4 carbine
M9 pistol
Melee weapon

Robert Bales was an American soldier who killed sixteen people and wounded six others in Najeeban and Alkozai, Afghanistan on March 11, 2012, before being arrested. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.


  • Mohamed Dawood (son of Abdullah)
  • Khudaydad (son of Mohamed Juma)
  • Nazar Mohamed
  • Payendo
  • Robeena
  • Shatarina (daughter of Sultan Mohamed)
  • Zahra (daughter of Abdul Hamid)
  • Nazia (daughter of Dost Mohamed)
  • Masooma (daughter of Mohamed Wazir)
  • Farida (daughter of Mohamed Wazir)
  • Palwasha (daughter of Mohamed Wazir)
  • Nabia (daughter of Mohamed Wazir)
  • Esmatullah, age 16 (son of Mohamed Wazir)
  • Faizullah, age 9 (son of Mohamed Wazir)
  • Essa Mohamed (son of Mohamed Hussain)
  • Akhtar Mohamed (son of Murrad Ali)

Those wounded were:

  • Haji Mohamed Naim (son of Haji Sakhawat)
  • Mohamed Sediq (son of Mohamed Naim)
  • Parween
  • Rafiullah
  • Zardana
  • Zulheja


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