Rape of a Normal Mind
Rape of a Normal Mind
Author(s) Christopher Cobb
Bob Avery
Published 1977
Publisher PaperJacks
Country Canada
Pages 189
ISBN 9780770100254

Rape of a Normal Mind is a book by Christopher Cobb and Bob Avery, published by PaperJacks, Markham, ON, in 1977.


Robert Poulin had fantasies of rape and murder. On October 27, he turned them into reality. He horrified all of Ottawa in the most shocking incident the city had ever seen. What made a "quiet" "normal" "intelligent" 18 year old boy randomly fire a shotgun into a classroom full of students? Attempt to burn down his house? Rape and kill a young girl? And, finally, commit suicide? Why was Poulin's basement room filled with pornographic magazines and devices? Why was it so easy for him to buy a twelve-gauge shotgun? And why didn't anyone know that Robert Poulin was severely depressed? Ottawa reporters Cobb and Avery reveal answers to these questions in this fascinating and highly readable report of the controversial Poulin case.

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