Rampage attacks and media violence


Pulp and horror literatureEdit

Action and horror filmsEdit

Even though in the early 20th century the discussion about the influence of media violence on violent acts in the real world mostly focused on the so-called "bad literature" at least since 1913 the connection has also been made with films, when a certain Dr. H. H. wrote in a German gun magazine:

"Not the horrible deeds by the rampage killers of Bremen and Mühlhausen [meant are Heinz Schmidt and Ernst August Wagner (ed.)], but the ever increasing number of shootings by criminals and adolescent, by bloodthirsty wild west stories and cinematograph presentations depraved boys demand urgent measures."[1]

Rock music and heavy metalEdit

Violent video gamesEdit


  1. Nicht die grausigen Taten der Amokläufer von Bremen und Mühlhausen, sondern die sich stets mehrenden Schiessereien der Verbrecher und halbwüchsigen, durch blutrünstige Wild-Westgeschichten und Kinematographenvorstellungen verdorbenen Burschen erheischen dringend Abhilfe.
    — H., H.: Nochmals die Regelung des Waffenverkaufes, in Schuß und Waffe, Vol. 7; J. Neumann., 1913. (p. 72)

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