Petrus Lafras Lombard
Occupation Farmer
Born ca. 1905

January 26, 1954(1954-01-26) (aged 48)
Transvaal, South Africa

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date January 24, 1954
Location(s) Morgenzon, South Africa
Target(s) Bantus
Killed 6
Injured 4
Weapon(s) Rifle

Petrus Lafras Lombard (also identified as Pieter Lafras Lombaard) was a South African farmer who killed six people and wounded four others in Morgenzon, South Africa on January 24, 1954.[1]

That year Lombard had assaulted a Bantu, who subsequently died, for which he was sentenced by the court to a fine of £100 and a suspended prison sentence. Being of the opinion that the penalty was an injustice and an unacceptable humiliation Lombard armed himself with a rifle and shot dead another Bantu who had struck him, before killing five other Bantus and wounding four more.[2]

When two policemen arrived at a farm to investigate the report of a shooting, Lombard fired at them and escaped the scene, as soon as the officers retreated to call for reinforcements. When police searched the farm they found two men and a woman shot dead and two others with gunshot wounds, while one woman was killed and another person wounded when Lombard apparently ran them down with his car.[3][4][5]

Scores of policemen participated in the search for Lombard, which was the biggest manhunt in Transvaal-history at the time. On January 26 he eventually found himself cornered about 100 miles from the crime scene, whereupon he shot himself in the head. He died on the way to hospital.[6]


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