Pedro Augusto
Occupation Police officer
Attack information
Date August 1900
Location(s) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Target(s) do Carmo family
Killed 12
Weapon(s) Revolver

Pedro Augusto was a Brazilian police officer who killed twelve people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August 1900.

Augusto had fallen in love with a woman named Maria do Carmo, who treated his passion with open disdain. Distressed he sought out the help of a fortune-teller, who told him that his mind could only find peace again, if he killed do Carmo and her entire family.

Thus Augusto armed himself with a revolver and a knife, and during the night entered the do Carmo home, where he murdered, amongst others, Maria do Carmo, several of her sisters, two of her sisters' husbands, and some of their children. After killing twelve of the occupants Augusto was eventually overpowered.[1][2][3][4][5]


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