Pascal Dolique
Born ca. 1960
Penalty Life imprisonment
Attack information
Date October 6, 1983
Location(s) Saint-Martin-le-Nœud, France
Target(s) Labrousse family
Killed 6
Injured 1
Weapon(s) Knife

Pascal Dolique was a French who killed six people and wounded a seventh in Saint-Martin-le-Nœud, Beauvais, France on October 6, 1983, before being arrested. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the cour d'assises of Oise in June 1989.



  • Jean-Jacques Labrousse, 41
  • Franciane Labrousse, 37, wife of Jean-Jacques Labrousse
  • Caroline Labrousse, 19, daughter of Jean-Jacques and Franciane Labrousse
  • Fabrice Labrousse, 12, son of of Jean-Jacques and Franciane Labrousse
  • Georges Becquet, 62, father of Franciane Labrousse
  • Christiane Becquet, 63, mother of Franciane Labrousse
  • Roland Bizet, 62, died from heart attack

Wounded was Jean-Yves Labrousse, 15, son of of Jean-Jacques and Franciane Labrousse.


Further readingEdit

  • C'est le monstre aux 6 victims, Le Parisien (October 7, 1983)

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