Paris amok case
Date July 1949
Location(s) Paris, France
Killed 0
Injured 30+
Weapon(s) Knife

In July 1949 an Armenian wounded at least thirty people, several of them seriously, in Paris, France. The man, who was drunk and had a criminal record, climbed on top of a table outside a café in a street not far from the University of Paris and threatened to kill all the guests and passersby with a long knife. He then went to a nearby vegetable vendor, and yelling: "I will begin with you!" stabbed him in the stomach, before attacking several passersby. When he was knocked down with a chair by the guest of a café he became furious and wildly stabbed at the crowd that had gathered around him. He also injured two policemen, who nonetheless managed to subdue him and took him to the police station.[1]


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