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Neurasthénie tropicale

"biskrite", "saharite", or "névrose du sud", Africanité, Colonite, Senegalite, Guganite, Tonkinite, Caledonite, Colonite, Soudanité (sometimes written pseudonite)


Cafard (from French "cafard", meaning cockroach, or hypocrite)[1] referred to a mental condition prevalent among French soldiers in Africa, which was attributed to excessive drinking, especially of absinthe. The affected claimed they felt a beetle crawling in their head, they appeared depressed and irritable, and sometimes started killing people at random without provocation.[2][3][4]

Today the term, as well as its spelling variant cathard, is used to describe an amok-like behaviour occurring in Polynesia, which is defined as a sudden display of homicidality followed by exhaustion.[5]


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