Muscat amok case
Muscat amok case
An illustration depicting the death of the perpetrator.
Date 1870s
Location(s) Muscat, Muscat and Oman
Killed 4-5
Injured ~20
Perpetrator Malay sailor
Weapon(s) Kris

Some time in the 1870s a Malay sailor killed five people and wounded about 20 others at the bazaar in Muscat, Muscat and Oman. The man, who was said to have suffered from occasional fits of frenzy, dashed nakedly along the street, stabbing his victims with a kris. When he was about to attack a woman he was killed by a Bedouin with a lance and an armorer, who almost decapitated him with a sword. Among the victims were an elderly fisherman and a young shopkeeper. It was not specified whether or not the perpetrator was counted among the victims.[1]


  1. Locher, Augustus: A Malay sailor running a muck, in Scribner's Monthly (May 1874, Vol. VIII, No. 1) (pp. 538-541)

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