Mountain Province amok case
Date Early 20th century
Location(s) Mountain Province, Philippines
Target(s) Prisoners
Killed 7
Perpetrator Ifugao

Some time in the early 20th century an Ifugao convict killed seven other inmates at a prison in the Mountain Province, Philippines, before he was shot dead.

The man had failed to pay some taxes and was ordered to sleep at a guardhouse until his obligations were fulfilled, but since he had to provide his own subsistence, he was given passes to replenish his food supply. During one of these absences he went to the home of a man, who belonged to a family with whom his own had a generations-long feud, and killed the entire household.

The Ifugao was eventually brought back to the guardhouse where he readily confessed to the murders. He was also taken to the office of the Lieutenant-Governor for questioning, and when he was led away afterwards he attacked a little boy and tried to hit him on the head with his manacles, but was stopped before doing any harm. The man was later convicted of the murders, sentenced to a long prison term, and imprisoned at the provincial jail, where he remained inconspicuous, until he ran amok.[1]


  1. Turnbull, Wilfrid: Early Days in the Mountain Province, in Philippine Magazine Vol. 28; 1931. (p. 601) (Turnbull was a captain of the Philippine Constabulary)

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