Monte Aprazível amok case
Date December 18, 1936
Location(s) Monte Aprazível, Brazil
Target(s) Japanese
Killed 16
Weapon(s) Shotgun

On December 18, 1936 a Brazilian farmer supposedly killed 16 people in Monte Aprazível, Brazil. A Japanese colonist named Fiorky had caught the man's 10-year-old son in his orchard stealing fruit and cut off his hand with an axe. The boy returned home, told his father about the incident, and died shortly thereafter, whereupon the farmer took a shotgun and hid by the roadside, shooting every Japanese passing by. He was arrested by police after shooting dead 16 of them, including the sons of the man who had killed his son.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

According to some reports the farmer shot dead every Japanese passing by, because he had difficulties of recognizing Fiorky, the Japanese colonist who killed his son.[1][11][12] Another report states that the farmer first killed the Japanese colonist, then murdered every member of the family of Fiorky, among them four children and three women.[13]

The story, which was widely published by newspapers, was later found to be baseless. The newspaper O Jornal contacted the regional police station of Rio Preto, inquiring about the incident, and the respective authorities declared that the incident lacked veracity and nothing abnormal had happened in Monte Aprazível, or Novo Oriente.[14]


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