Mininja amok case
Date September 20, 1998
Location(s) Gitarama Province, Rwanda
Killed 7
Injured 4
Perpetrators Alexandre Gaferiza
Joseph Furaha
Weapon(s) Guns
Hand grenades

On September 20, 1998 two Rwandan soldiers killed seven people and wounded four others at a bar in Mininja, a village in Gitarama Province, Rwanda.

The soldiers, identified as Pte. Alexandre Gaferiza, who originated from Ntungwe, and Joseph Furaha, tracked down a certain Mr. Ndekezi and his friend at the bar, shot both of them dead, and also detonated hand grenades inside the building, before escaping. Gaferiza was soon thereafter arrested by government forces and confessed to the crime, stating that they wanted to avenge the death of his brother-in-law.[1][2][3][4]


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