Medan amok case
Date April 26, 1909
10:30 a.m.
Location(s) Medan, Dutch East Indies
Killed 2
Injured 11-12
Perpetrator Banjarese
Weapon(s) Butcher's knife

On April 26, 1909 a Banjarese estate coolie killed two people and wounded at least eleven others in Medan, Dutch East Indies, before being arrested.

went to town to buy a knife, met a Bengali who sold a butcher's knife, chaffered about price until coolie became enraged, grabbed knife, stabbed the merchant, then turned against bystanders and people in the street, stabbing thirteen others, among them a European, a Chinese woman, eight Chinese, a natve and two Bengalis, was eventually subdued by three policemen. One Chinaman died. Told police that he stabbed the seller after he had struck him and didn't remember what happened afterwards.[1][2]

Two policemen nearby fled, according to their own testmimony to get reinforcements, was overpowered by a customs searcher and a watchman. They were rewarded with 50 guilders and 25 guilders respectively by the Resident of Deli, while he paraded the police corps, also dismissed the two policemen who had fled. [3]

At about 10:30 a.m., stabbed one European, identified as J. W. who was stabbed in the forearm, two Bengalis, seven Chinese men, one Chinese woman, and a Malay, ost of them in the chest, back, arms and shoulders. Some of them life threatening, ran amok on the Kesawan, was overpowered at Sukamulia and taken to prison. Apparently went to Medan in agitated state to complain to a mandoor (slave foreman) about debt. [4]

The mandoor denied that there was any problem with any debts. was described as calm person, left work without allowance or telling anyone... [5]



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