Maximiliano Silva
Occupation Farm labourer
Born ca. 1912

April 13, 1943
Alegrete, Brazil

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date April 13, 1943
Location(s) Alegrete, Brazil
Target(s) Family
Killed 6-9
Weapon(s) Razor

Maximiliano Silva or Maximiano da Silva (aka. Didi) was a Brazilian farm labourer who killed his wife and five or eight children at their home in a district known as "Hell's Corner" (Rincão do Inferno) in Alegrete, Brazil on April 13, 1943, before committing suicide.


The 31-year-old, who had worked for the Basileu Ribeiro's farm for two years, has been fired, da Silva and his family began seeking care. On an unknown date, he robbed a cow that belonged to Antonio Silva and killed it. Arrested, da Silva claimed that he was starving, and that he had already robbed a calf from his boss Basileu Ribeiro, he claimed that he robbed the animals to give his family food.

Days after being hold by the police, sheriff Brasil Milano sent da Silva to introduce him to a public service chief to give him work where his daily pay would be Cr$ 8,00.[1]


On the morning of April 13, da Silva, left the police station and headed to his home, da Silva, armed with a razor, first killed his oldest daughter then his spouse apparently 300 meters away from his home, da Silva returned back to his home where he killed his sons on the same method he killed his wife. da Silva also injured a dog and later committed suicide by slitting himself. da Silva had written a letter to a friend named Pinto, requesting a burial for himself and his own victims.[1]

The authorities concluded that da Silva's motive was not because of his hunger, but because he was shamed that he was arrested as a robber.[2][3][1][4][5]


Translation Original[1]
I request to Pinto to do my burial and for my people and i ask to not be put on the dirt but on a hill on top of a slab. I leave nothing for the elderly Brizada that caused this all. I want to be veiled and buried benearth the sound of a harmonica. I leave my saddle for Chiquinho, while the rest of things i have i want to be placed inside my coffin. This is my wishes. Peço ao compadre Pinto fazer meu interro e da minha gente e peço não ser posto na terra e sim no cerro em cima de uma lage. Não deixo nada para a velha Brizida que é a causante de tudo. Quero ser velado e sepultado debaixo de toque de gaita. O meu lombilho deixo ao Chiquinho, sendo que o restante das coisas que tenho quero que ponham tudo dentro do meu caixão. São estes meus desejos.


  • His wife, 25
  • His sons, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8.