Mauro Milhomem
Occupation Pilot
Cause of death Died in the crash
Spouse(s) Angela Milhomem
Attack information
Date June 1, 1980
Location(s) Barra do Garças, Brazil
Target(s) Hotel Presidente
Killed 6
Injured 4
Weapon(s) Embraer EMB-721

Mauro Milhomem (or Mihomen) was a Brazilian who killed six people and wounded four others when crashing a Embraer EMB-721 in Hotel Presidente where his wife was residing in Barra do Garças, Brazil on June 1, 1980, after his wife cheated him. Angela Milhomem, Milhomem's wife, committed suicide few days later.[1]

Days prior to the crash Mihomem had an argument with his wife and his mother-in-law, in which he threatened to crash a plane into the hotel. On June 1 he flew an Sertanejo-721 with four passengers inside, attempted to hit the Hotel Presidente, which was owned by one of his family members, but instead hit a tree, several utility poles, and ultimately a two-story building, and finally crashed into an accounting office.[2][3][1][4]


  • Lourival Bento
  • Hieráclito
  • Vidario Teixeira
  • Three other unidentified