Occupation Confectioner

November 5, 1923
Lahore, British Raj

Attack information
Date November 5, 1923
Location(s) Lahore, British Raj
Killed 2
Injured 12
Weapon(s) Long gun

Matin was an Indian confectioner who killed two people and wounded twelve others, several of them seriously, in Lahore, British Raj on November 5, 1923.

Matin, a Muslim, killed his first wife, and then positioned himself on the roof of his house with a pistol, a long gun, and large amounts of ammunition. From there he shot at people in the streets, and when police arrived at the scene aimed his fire at the officers. The ensuing gunfight was eventually joined by the Municipal Fire Brigade and two armoured cars, and only after a three hours long siege police managed to gain entrance to the building. By that time Matin was already dead.[1][2][3]


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