Marcelino Julian
Born 1902
Cuyapo, Philippines
Penalty Life imprisonment
Attack information
Date November 24, 1932
Location(s) Seattle, Washington, United States
Killed 6
Injured 13
Weapon(s) Bolo

Marcelino Julian (also identified as Julian Marcelino) was a Filipino who killed six people and wounded 13 others in Seattle, Washington, United States on November 24, 1932, before being arrested.



  • Bernardino Bonita, 30, stabbed in the heart
  • Tito Guatlo, 36, stabbed in the heart
  • Jimmy Jiminez, 26, stabbed in the chest
  • Frank Johnson, 60, stabbed in the heart
  • William J. Morris, 65, stabbed in the right lung
  • William Tenador, 26, stabbed in the left side

Those wounded were:

  • Cristolo Bayada, 19, chest wounds
  • Mrs. Maca Fujita, 37, shoulder wound
  • S. Higashi, 38, stabbed in the back
  • Kaneki Inyoue, 47, chest wounds
  • I. Katimuri, 35, chest wounds
  • K. Nakano, 48, chest wounds
  • Yoshio Oya, 52, shoulder wounds
  • Antone Schuele, 73, chest wounds
  • Hans Sjogren, 56, stabbed in right shoulder
  • Harold Stallworth, 48, stabbed in the shoulder
  • Robert Sinclair, 47, chest wounds
  • Thomas Takoff, 47, chest wounds
  • K. Yasuda, 50, chest wounds


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