Lin Yuerong
Occupation Snack shop employee
Born ca. 1955

August 1987 (aged 31)
People's Republic of China

Cause of death Executed
Penalty Sentenced to death
Attack information
Date June 4, 1987
Location(s) Fuzhou, People's Republic of China
Killed 0
Injured 186-188
Weapon(s) Poison

Lin Yuerong (Chinese: 林月榕) was a Chinese snack shop employee who poisoned at least 186 people in Fuzhou, People's Republic of China on June 4, 1987.[1][2][3]

Lin, a 31-year-old married woman, had an affair with a former co-worker named Xie Wenquan (谢文泉) with whom she plotted to poison her husband. On May 31, 1987 Xie bought Methamidophos for this purpose, but their plan failed for unknown reasons.

On June 4, due to a dispute with a man surnamed Tang (唐), a subcontractor of the snack shop, over wages and other things, Yin sprinkled the latter's rice cakes with poison in an attempt to frame him. The following day Tang delivered the cake to the Fuzhou Xindian Central Elementary School (福州市新店中心小学) where it was cut into 1070 pieces and served to the students and staff, resulting in the poisoning of 186 people. Six of them were taken to hospital in serious condition where they could be rescued.

Lin was arrested on June 13, tried at the Fuzhou Intermediate People's Court (福州市中级人民法院), convicted of attempted murder, sentenced to death, and deprived of her political rights for life. She filed an appeal to the Fujian Provincial Higher People's Court (福建省高级人民法院) which dismissed it on August 18 and upheld the original verdict.[4]



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