Leopold Smith
Ethnicity White
Occupation Accountant
Born 1929

January 8, 1964(1964-01-08) (aged 34)

Cause of death Hanged
Penalty Sentenced to death
Attack information
Date June 17, 1963
Location(s) Umtali, Rhodesia
Killed 4
Injured 7
Weapon(s) Shotgun
.22-caliber rifle

Leopold Smith was a Rhodesian accountant who killed four people and wounded seven others on the Premier Citrus Estates near Umtali, Rhodesia on June 17, 1963. The shooting apparently started when his estranged wife, who was among those injured, came to see him about the custody of their two children. He then escaped, but was arrested two days later after an extensive search operation, including 160 policemen, tracker dogs, and aircraft.[1]

Smith was sentenced to death and hanged on January 8, 1964, after his petitions for mercy were rejected. He was the first European to be executed in the country since 1952.[2][3][4][5][6][7]



  • Ezekiel
  • Wilfred Hein
  • Mrs. Hein
  • Jack Smale, welfare officer

Among those wounded were his wife Joan Smith, and police officer Alexander Coutts.


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