Leonardas Zavistonovičius
Born 1939

February 15, 1998(1998-02-15) (aged 58)
Draučiai, Lithuania

Cause of death Killed
Attack information
Date February 15, 1998
4 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location(s) Draučiai, Lithuania
Killed 9
Injured 1
Weapon(s) IZH-12 double-barreled rifle
ZZK-601 bolt action rifle with scope

Leonardas Zavistonovičius was a Lithuanian who killed nine people and wounded a tenth in Draučiai, a village in the Širvintos District Municipality, Lithuania on February 15, 1998, before he was beaten to death by the relatives of some of his victims.


At approximately 4 p.m. Zavistonovičius armed himself with a hunting rifle and a Czech carbine with scope, and within the next half hour went to four houses where he killed eight of his neighbours, all of them with single shots to the head or chest.

Zavistonovičius first went to the farm of Jonas and Marytė Bareikas and killed them both, afterwards approaching Bareikas' neighbour Leonas Garbatavičius, whom he shot dead at the front door of his house. His next stop was at the Vrubliauskas-farm, where he killed Vytautas Vrubliauskas, and wounded his mother Jadvyga, and his sister Zofija. Zofija Vrubliauskas died the same night in hospital while undergoing surgery, while Jadvyga Vrubliauskas died a week later in a hospital in Vilnius.

The next victims were Vanda Raudeliūnas and her visiting daughter Dalia Kalibatiene, who were both killed at Raudeliūnas' home. Zavistonovičius also killed a dog, before fetching a mattress and taking cover behind a couple of rocks to ambush Antanas Raudeliūnas, his son-in-law Mindaugas Kalibatas, and his grandsons Vilius and Tadas, who were in a nearby forest. When the four men came out of the wood, alerted by the gunshots from the village, Zavistonovičius first wounded Mindaugas Kalibatas with a shot in the chest and then killed Vilius, as he ran to help his father.

When the gunman approached them, Kalibatas and his other son Tadas attacked him, grabbed his rifles and beat him until he collapsed. Zavistonovičius later died in hospital.[1]

Only two inhabitants of the village were left alive, one of them being Antanas Raudeliūnas and the other being Zavistonovičius' mother Juzefa.[2][3]


  • Jonas Bareikas, 40
  • Marytė Rutkauskienė, partner of Jonas Bareikas[4]
  • Leonas Garbatavičius, 58
  • Dalia Kalibatienė, 48
  • Vilius Kalibatas, 17, son of Dalia Kalibatienė
  • Vanda Raudeliūnienė, 66, mother of Dalia Kalibatienė
  • Jadvyga Vrubliauskienė, 76
  • Vytautas Vrubliauskas, 38, son of Jadvyga Vrubliauskienė
  • Zofija Vrubliauskaitė, 42, daughter of Jadvyga Vrubliauskienė


Prime Minister Gediminas Vagnorius sent his condolences, stating that the government would pay for the victims' funerals and that a special commission would be formed to investigate the murders.[5]


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