Lehloholono Hasebeng
Birth name Lehloholono S. Hasebeng
Ethnicity Black
Occupation Police constable

August 25, 1992
Goedemoed, South Africa

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date August 25, 1992
Location(s) Goedemoed, South Africa
Killed 8
Injured 4
Weapon(s) Two pistols

Lehloholono S. Hasebeng was a South African police constable who killed eight people and wounded four others at the prison complex in Goedemoed, a town in Orange Free State, South Africa on August 25, 1992, before committing suicide.[1][2][3][4][5]


  • Tseliso George, police assistant
  • Constable S. Gabriel Lekhula
  • Cynthia Lekhula, wife of Gabriel Lekhula
  • Phalisa Lekhula, 4, daughter of Gabriel and Cynthia Lekhula
  • Ernestina Mile, 21, daughter of Cynthia Lekhula
  • Mavis Mile, 17, daughter of Cynthia Lekhula
  • Adjutant officer Chris E. Schutte, commander of Goedemoed police
  • Vakele Tyu, police assistant

Those wounded were constable Lucas Musi, police assistant Pakiso Ramarumo, captain Bettie van Wyk, and eight-year-old Thobela Dumayi.


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