Lawrence Moore
Birth name Lawrence William Moore
Occupation Sawmill worker
Born October 1955
Penalty Four consecutive life terms
Imprisoned at Oregon State Penitentiary
Attack information
Date May 7, 1981
10:24 p. m.
Location(s) Salem, Oregon, United States
Target(s) Patrons at The Oregon Museum
Killed 4
Injured 19
Weapon(s) 9mm Browning semi-automatic pistol

Lawrence William Moore was an American sawmill worker who killed four people and wounded 19 others at The Oregon Museum, a tavern in Salem, Oregon, United States on May 7, 1981, before being arrested.



  • John William Cooper, 27
  • Lori Jean Cunningham, 22
  • Robert Eric Hamblin, 24
  • Allen Wilcox, 24

Those wounded were:

  • Michael Akers
  • Gloria Anton
  • Jerry Bowman
  • Gary Davis
  • Bryon Hall
  • Joel Heenan, 22
  • Darrell Huber
  • Tim Lowery
  • Douglas Marr
  • Debbie Moyer
  • Connie Murray
  • Bettie Jo Nichols
  • Darrell Noitke, 26
  • Dennis Scharf, 30
  • Jack Ryne, 32
  • James Taylor
  • Steve Walrid
  • Larry Wiseman
  • Tony Young


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