Kim Won-je
Occupation Soldier
Born ca. 1948

May 1, 1974(1974-05-01) (aged 25)
Kimpo, South Korea

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date April 30/May 1, 1974
11 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Location(s) Kimpo, South Korea
Target(s) Soldiers
Killed 10
Injured 3
Weapon(s) Carbine

Kim Won-je (Korean: 김원제) was a Korean paratrooper who killed ten people and wounded three others, one of them seriously, in Kimpo, South Korea during the night from April 30 to May 1, 1974.[1][2][3][4][5]

That night Pfc. Kim drank together with a friend at a tavern near the quarters of his unit,[6] but when they got into a quarrel at about 11 p.m., Kim ran back to the barracks, took a carbine, and began shooting at the soldiers in their beds, killing two of them.

He then chased some of the fleeing soldiers towards a village, where he killed Hyun Hak-yong, his wife, and daughter, when they went out of their house to investigate, and afterwards returned to barracks. There he fired at a group of soldiers who had responded to the alert, killing his platoon leader, second lieutenant Lee Sung-bom, as well as another soldier, and seriously wounding two more. Kim also killed two other soldiers, before seeking refuge in an aircraft bunker. For the next three hours the 25-year-old held 200 soldiers and police at bay who had surrounded the building, but eventually committed suicide.[7][8][9]

One of the wounded, corporal An Hyo-yong, died the following day in hospital.[10][11]



  • Second lieutenant Lee Sung-bom (이승범)
  • Corporal An Hyo-yong (안효용)
  • Private An Yun-hwan (안윤환)
  • Private Bae Jong-hwan (배종환)
  • Private Ha Kyung-jin (하경진)
  • Private Im Kyung-yong (임경용)
  • Private Kim Song-jin (김성진)
  • Hyun Hak-yong (현학용), 55
  • Hyun Kum-ok (현금옥), Hyun's wife
  • Hyun Hwa-sun (현화순), 17, Hyun's daughter


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