Kazuo Ohashi
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Attack information
Date January 27, 1946
Location(s) Higashinaga, Japan
Target(s) Family
Killed 8
Weapon(s) Axe

Kazuo Ohashi (Japanese: 大橋一雄) was a Japanese who killed eight people in Higashinaga, a town in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan on January 29, 1946.

Kazuo served during war, when he returned found his mother had died, was told by acquaintances that she was killed by his brother's wife, had to live with brother, On day of murders, during dinner, his sister-in-law apparently was amused about his mother's wife. During the night killed them. After murders fled, on March 19, 1948 went to head office of Asahi Shimbun in Osaka where he surrendered, was arrested. on April 27 was sentenced to death by the Wakayama District Court. On December 6 his appeal was dismissed, and on August 18, 1949 death sentence was again confiremd, On April 28, 1952, has been commuted to life imprisonment due to an amnesty. on May 1 he was transferred from the Osaka Prison to the Osaka detention house, was released in Spring 1968, During the night killed his older brother Shoichi, the latter's wife and their children



  • Shoichi Ohashi (大橋勝一), 42, his brother
  • Unidentified woman, 41, wife of Shoichi Ohashi
  • Unidentified boy, 16, son of Shoichi Ohashi
  • Unidentified girl, 14, daughter of Shoichi Ohashi
  • Unidentified boy, 13, son of Shoichi Ohashi
  • Unidentified girl, 10, daughter of Shoichi Ohashi
  • Unidentified boy, 7, son of Shoichi Ohashi
  • Unidentified boy, 3, son of Shoichi Ohashi


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