Kanazi, Tanganyika Territory

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date 1910s/20s
Location(s) Tanganyika Territory
Killed 9
Weapon(s) Arson

Kalanga was a Tanzanian who killed nine people in Tanganyika Territory some time in the late 1910s, or early 1920s. After he was expelled by his landlord for a petty offence he set fire to the latter's house and then ran amok. When police arrived to arrest him, he committed suicide by drowning himself in the Kitema river, near Kanazi, Bukoba District.

The incident drew the attention of the authorities to the conditions of tenants, and was the incentive for compiling the first nyarubanja register (nyarubanja is a semi-feudal land tenure system)[1] either in 1919,[2] or in 1922,[3] as well as the framing of rules to improve the tenants' situation later on.[4]


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