Juljan Mezowiec
Occupation Farmer
Born ca. 1879
Attack information
Date October 21/22, 1928
Location(s) Smidyn, Second Polish Republic
Killed 7
Injured 7+
Weapon(s) Bayonet

Juljan Mezowiec (also spelled Myzowiec) was a Polish farmer who killed seven people and wounded at least seven others in Smidyn, a village near Kovel, Second Polish Republic on October 21 and October 22, 1928.[1][2]

On the evening of October 21 the 49-year-old, who reportedly was a Shtundists, attended a meeting at the local elementary school. When he disagreed with the statements made by the mayor of Maciejów, Antoni Misiuk, he began to riot and was to be forcibly removed from the hall. Alerted be the noise police commander Gąsior and his deputy Wincenty Marciniak came to investigate, and when they tried to remove him Mezowiec became furious, grabbed Gąsior's bayonet and killed him with a stab in the heart. He also fatally stabbed Marciniak, who came to his superior's aid, and afterwards ran outside, where he killed Janusz Emna by stabbing him repeatedly in the abdomen.

Mezowiec then made his way to the farm of Lejba Małamet, where he cut the throat of the latter's wife Ryfka and killed Lejba Małamet with knife thrusts to his head when he tried to protect Ryfka. Back in the street he caught Andrzej Kzera and stabbed him in the heart. By then the villagers locked themselves in their houses and barricaded their doors, hid in forests, or fled towards neighbouring villages, nonetheless Mezowiec managed to seriously injure five more and slightly wound several others. Afterwards he fled and sought refuge at a forest near a neighbouring village. A number of policemen meanwhile searched the area, but could not find him until the next morning, whereupon he fled towards the farm Szajny, killing on his way a local named A. Porec. He was then subdued and taken to Kovel. Asked for the reason of the murders he claimed that he had seen the devil and had acted on his command.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


  • Janusz K. Enna/Emna, 25
  • Andrzej Gerys/Kzera
  • Leon Gąsior, 32 policeman
  • Wincenty Marciniak, 30, policeman
  • Lejba Mełamed/Małamet, 64
  • Estera/Ryfka Mełamed/Małamet, 52, wife of Lejba Mełamed
  • A. Porec


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