José Alberto Barragán
Born ca. 1934

February 17, 1968(1968-02-17) (aged 34)
El Cedral, Colombia

Cause of death Shot dead
Attack information
Date February 17, 1968
3 p.m.
Location(s) El Cedral, Colombia
Killed 7
Injured 4
Weapon(s) Machete

José Alberto Barragán was a Colombian farmer who killed seven people and wounded four others in El Cedral, a village near Tello, Colombia on February 17, 1968, before being shot dead by soldiers.[1][2]

At approxomately 3 p.m. that day Barragán arrived at the farm "Villa Nohora", which was owned by José Palacio. There he killed four of Palacios's children with a machete, and afterward attacked Ruth Charry and her daughter Yolanda, seriously wounding the former, and killing the latter.

Barragán next made his way to the finca "El Danubio", where he killed his wife Mercedes Reyes Rodriguez, as well as a boy named Pedro Granados. Subsequently he attacked an army patrol at the military post in El Cedral, wounding three soldiers in the process, until he was killed by a barrage of responding gunfire.

No reason was given for the rampage, though it was reported that Barragán had taken out a loan at the Caja Agraria and that he had lost the money either due to bad investment, or in a robbery.[3][4]


  • Yolanda Charry, 5
  • Pedro Granados
  • Albino Palacios, 6
  • Bertilda Palacios, 1
  • Edgar Palacios, 2
  • Hector Palacios, 3
  • Mercedes Reyes Rodriguez, 30, Barragán's wife

Wounded were Ruth Charry, Argemiro Diaz, and two others.


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