Jesus Negro
Occupation Policeman
Born ca. 1967
Attack information
Date November 30, 1988
Location(s) Tiber and Lawaan, Philippines
Killed 7
Injured 9
Weapon(s) Semi-automatic rifle

Jesus Negro was a Filipino policeman who killed seven people and wounded nine others in Tiber and Lawaan, two villages near Minglanilla, Philippines on November 30, 1988, before being arrested.

Negro was a member of the Special Action Force, an elite unit of the police.[1] During the night of said date, after paying a visit to and quarreling with his girlfriend in Tiber, Negro was allegedly beaten up by a local gang for unknown reasons. Thereupon he returned to the barracks, armed himself with an Armalite semi-automatic rifle and hand grenades, and began shooting at passers-by and onlookers in the streets, fatally hitting five people, and wounding five more.

The 21-year-old constable then fetched a ride in a jeep driving towards Talisay.[2] While passing through Lawaan village he shot at a group of men, thinking that the people were giving him dirty looks and laughing at him. Two of them were killed, and four others injured. Negro later surrendered to police and was detained at an army camp, where he was charged with murder and attempted murder.[3][4][5][6][7] His rampage had lasted for about 30 minutes.[8]


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