Jean Thomas
Occupation Sailor
Born ca. 1806
Attack information
Date August 15, 1847
Location(s) Bordeaux, France
Killed 0
Injured 7 – 12
Weapon(s) Knife

Jean Thomas was a French former sailor who wounded at least seven people in Bordeaux, France on August 15, 1847.

Thomas was said to have had violent outbursts caused by hallucinations and epilepsy. He was once convicted and imprisoned for three months for violence against a woman he had lived with.

On the morning of August 15 the 41-year-old had an argument with a woman who prepared his food, after which he grabbed a long knife, left the house and, with his weapon concealed in his sleeve, took a seat in an omnibus. When the bus stopped he drew his knife, stabbed one of the passengers and then jumped out of the waggon to attack one of the draught horses.

After the assault on the animal, including a bite in its muzzle, Thomas rushed through the street stabbing people at random. He first wounded a woman with a child in her arms, by stabbing her twice, and then went down the rue La Fontaine where he proceeded to attack a man, but when the man's wife intervened he mutilated the woman by chopping off three of her fingers.

Thomas then attacked a couple sitting at a window, and seriously injured the woman with a stab in the shoulder. His next victim was a Madame D., who was stabbed twice, as well as her daughter, who was in life-threatening condition after being stabbed three times when trying to defend her mother.

Thomas was eventually overpowered by a worker named Roche, whom he wounded in the hand. By that time he had injured seven, ten, or twelve people, according to various sources. Thomas was then handed over to police, and taken into custody.[1][2][3][4][5]



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