Jean Pica
Occupation Miner (retired)
Born 1917

November 9, 1972(1972-11-09) (aged 55)
Beaurecueil, France

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date November 9–16, 1972
Location(s) Beaurecueil, France
Killed 6
Injured 5+
Weapon(s) Revolver

Jean Pica was a French pensioner who was responsible for the death of six people and the wounding of five others in Beaurecueil, France in November 1972.[1]


Pica was born in 1917 and worked as a coal miner. His colleagues found him to be a somewhat irascible person. Soon retired. In WWII served as a specialist for mine detection. 1952 he moved together with his mother to Beaurecueil.

Pica, 55, lived in a first-floor apartment in Beaurecueil, didn't pay his rent, did not keep his home clean, owner Adrienne Narbone, lived on ground floor the same building, wanted him removed, On November 1[2] received court order he would be evicted/was told he would have to leave by the end of the month,[3]


Jean Pica apartment

Rescuers carrying one of the victims from the rubble of the destroyed building.

Sent his mother to relatives, booby trapped his home with explosives attached to three butangas cylinders, Thinking that mayor Julien Gautier, who had signed his eviction was responsible for his dislodging he took a WWII revolver on morning of Nov. 9, found Gauthier working in his garden, shot him twice in the abomen, seriously injured, then committed suicide in a nearby ditch by detonating dynamite on his body. Next morning, Adrienne Narbone, a friend of hers, two policemen and locksmith tried to enter Pica's apartment, opened door, explosion, all five were killed, tenant seriously wounded, house destroyed[3][4][5][6][7]

A second explosion occurred when a bulldozer hit the garage door, wounding a 69-year-old onlooker.[8]

On November 16 booby trapped motor cycle exploded while rubble was searched, killed an explosives expert, wounded three firemen, one seriously.[9][10][11]

On November 21, 15:30 a fourth explosion occurred when dynamite fixed to Pica's motorcycle detonated during demolition of the building.[12][13][14]


  • Jean Bourillon, 76
  • Albert Monnier, 52, locksmith
  • Adrienne Narbone, 78, Pica's landlady
  • Jean-François Parrate, 27, police officer
  • Jean Vermant, 32, police officer

Among the woudned were Julien Gautier, 54, and Roger Spagneux, 55.


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