Jean-Claude Ndayisaba
Occupation Soldier
Born ca. 1978
Penalty Sentenced to death
Attack information
Date October 8, 1999
5:30 p.m.
Location(s) Ruyaga, Burundi
Killed 6
Injured 7
Weapon(s) Gun

Jean-Claude Ndayisaba was a Burundian soldier who killed six people and wounded seven others at a regroupment camp in Ruyaga, 13 kilometres east of Bujumbura, Burundi on October 8, 1999. He was afterwards arrested and sentenced to death about a month later.[1]



killed six people, including three children and two women, at the Ruyaga regroupment site in Bujumbura Rural province where they had been moved forcibly, was detained immediately.[2]

Camp for Hutus who had been forcibly moved from Bujumbura to the camp after Hutu attacks a surge in the capital, Ruyaga houses some 30 000 people, apparently soldiers came to camp asking where Hutu rebels were hiding. One soldier left his position without any mission and went to Ruyaga protected site around 5:30pm (1530 GMT). He asked one suspicious person for his identity card, and that person ran away, The undisciplined soldier opened fire, and the bullets hit people who were running in all directions because of panic. military police had gone to the camp in search of the soldier who would be tried by a court martial. [3]

There is a small garrison close by, and it was in Ruyaga on Friday evening that a drunken soldier opened fire, killing at least six people. [4]

was sentenced to death by a military council in November the same year, did not contest the crime, opened fire after a camp resident refused to show his identity card. was a Private [5]

was sentenced to death by military council in Bujumbura on November 5, appealed, had asked person for id card, after checking ID card, handed it back, then wanted to check it again, person refused altercation. Man entered a building, N claimed he thought the mn wanted to take a weapon, shot him dead, claims self-defense for this killing, said the other deaths were a mistake, confessed to manslaughter, according to prosecution he was intoxicated, his defense was rejected.[6]

Trial and convictionEdit

During his trial Ndayisaba admitted to being responsible for the shooting of the people at the camp, but claimed to have acted in self-defense when killing the man who had refused to show him his identity card, saying that he was of the opinion that the man wanted to arm himself. According to his testimony the shooting of the other victims was a mistake and he confessed to manslaughter in these cases.

Probably due to the high publicity of the case authorities pressed foreward with the trial and the legal proceedings went swiftly. On November 5, less than a month after the shooting, the military council in Bujumbura rejected Ndayisaba's defence and sentenced him to death.[7][8] After his appeal to the Military Court of Appeal was dismissed the case was handed to the Supreme Court.[9]


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