Jamin Mukobero
Jamin Mukobero
Background information
Born ca. 1958
Imprisoned at Kodiaga Maximum Security Prison
Parents Lobai Matilani
Spouse(s) Susan Mukobero
Attack information
Date April 29, 2001
Location(s) Shibuye, Kenya
Target(s) Family
Killed 9
Injured 6
Weapon(s) Panga

Jamin Mukobero was a Kenyan who killed nine people and wounded six others in Shibuye, Kenya on April 29, 2001, before being arrested.


Those killed were:

  • Susan Mukobero, Jamin's wife
  • Edgar Alusiola Mukobero, 11, Jamin's son
  • Evans Ashiewere Mukobero, 15, Jamin's son
  • Fanice Ingasiani Mukobero, 17, Jamin's daughter
  • Oscar Asiema Mukobero, 13, Jamin's son
  • Aggrey Akweyu, Mukobero's nephew
  • Felista Khasiala, Mukobero's sister-in-law, died on May 15[1]
  • Hannah Khatenje, Mukobero's sister-in-law
  • Lilian Maitsi/Mwaitsi, Mukobero's sister-in-law

Those wounded were:

  • Dennis Isabiera/Muchika, 13, Mukobero's son
  • Ida Mwanju/Alder Mwenje, 7
  • Fridah Alusa/Khademesi
  • Joan Abwona/Jane Ambuone
  • Gideon Ingasa, 62, Mukobero's brother
  • Patrick Manda/Mula, 22, Mukobero's nephew


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