Józef Zmijek
Attack information
Date 1936
Location(s) Poland
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Revolver

Józef Zmijek was a Pole who killed six people in Poland in 1936.

One day that year Zmijek, a known troublemaker with many enemies in his home town, shot his brother with a revolver during an argument over the division of their inheritance. Thinking that he would now be executed anyway, he decided to settle the scores he had with his enemies, went into the village, and shot several peasants with whom he had disputes, killing five of them.

Zmijek was eventually captured by the villagers and police. A psychiatrist found him to be mentally sane, but with a complete lack of empathy, whereupon he was sentenced to death by the district court. His appeal at the Court of Appeal in Warsaw in August 1936 was dismissed and his sentence upheld.[1][2]


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