Howard Unruh
Birth name Howard Barton Unruh
Born (1921-01-21)January 21, 1921
Camden, New Jersey, United States

October 19, 2009(2009-10-19) (aged 88)
Trenton, New Jersey, United States

Penalty Found to be insane
Imprisoned at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital
Attack information
Date September 6, 1949
Location(s) Camden, New Jersey, United States
Killed 13
Injured 3
Weapon(s) Luger P08 pistol

Howard Barton Unruh was an American who killed 13 people and wounded three others in Camden, New Jersey, United States on September 6, 1949. He was subsequently arrested, found to be insane and committed to the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, where he remained until his death on October 19, 2009.[1]


  • John Joseph Pilarchik, 27
  • Orris Martin Smith, 6
  • Clark Hoover, 33
  • James Hutton, 45
  • Rose Cohen, 38
  • Minnie Cohen, 63
  • Dr. Maurice J. Cohen, 39
  • Alvin Day, 24
  • Thomas Hamilton, 2
  • Helga Kautzach Zegrino, 28
  • Helen Wilson, 37
  • Emma Matlack, 68
  • John Wilson, 9


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