Herman Klink
Occupation Woodworker (unemployed)
Born ca. 1893

March 6, 1933(1933-03-06) (aged 40)
Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Cause of death Shot by police
Attack information
Date March 6, 1933
Location(s) Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Killed 5
Injured 6
Weapon(s) .22-caliber rifle

Herman Klink was an American unemployed woodworker who killed five people and wounded six others in Cleveland, Ohio, United States on March 6, 1933, before he was shot dead by police.[1][2][3][4]


Klink was described as a weird loner, who supposedly suffered from dementia praecox. He had been employed as a woodworker at the Schaefer Wagon Company, but was dismissed eight months prior to the shooting, because his employers thought he suffered from "persecution mania" and feared he might take revenge against his co-workers for imagined wrongs.[5][6] His supervisors at the company thought that he had reached a dangerous mental state, but were not able to take action against him.[7]


On March 6, 1933 Klink supposedly had an argument over banking matters at the Loraine Street Savings and Trust Co., according to some sources, though others reported that he never had any transactions with the bank, nor had he an account there, but instead went home after reading of a bank holiday.[5] He later armed himself with a .22-caliber repeating rifle that was loaded with dum-dum bullets, and first shot and critically wounded a bank guard in a house at Whitman Avenue in Cleveland's West Side.[8] He then went out into the street and fired several shots at West 38th Street, and Bridge Avenue, and in front of St. Mary’s Catholic School wounded patrolman Herman Pahler, who was directing traffic, with shots in the abdomen and legs. He died two days later in hospital.[7]

At Loraine Avenue and Fulton Road Klink took postition opposite the Loraine Street Savings and Trust Co. and fired several shots at the building, before turning against the people on the sidewalk. He killed Louis Kallay when he stepped out of his home to investigate,[5] and also shot at those trying to help his victims, fatally hitting Roy Kneale, and wounding seven others. Two of them, Albert Marquis and Joseph Sapko, were shot in the abdomen and died in hospital the next morning.[9] Chased by police and armed neighbours Klink was eventually shot dead by detective Jay Cook after a shootout.[10][11][12]


  • Louis Kallay, 52
  • Albert Marquis, 67, died on March 7
  • Roy Kneale, 43
  • Herman Pahler, 45, died on March 8
  • Joseph Sapko, 22, died on March 7

Those wounded were:

  • Gilbert Dodd, shot in the shoulder
  • Alexander Dorko, 16
  • Verl McGinty, 23
  • Arthur Meibuhr, 27
  • George Mikulka, 45
  • Robert Slonager, 11


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