S.S. Alting
The S.S. Alting, the ship on which Herman committed his second rampage.
Background information
Ethnicity Dayak
Penalty Found to be insane
Attack information
Date November 1922
December 1922
Location(s) Kuala Kapuas & S.S. Alting, Dutch East Indies
Killed 7
Injured 7
Weapon(s) Spear

Herman was an Indonesian who killed a total of seven people and wounded seven others in two rampage attacks, the first occurring in Kuala Kapuas, Kapuas Regency in November 1922, and the second on a ship near Banjarmasin, Dutch East Indies in December the same year.[1]

During the first attack Herman, a Christian Dayak, killed six people and wounded two others with a spear and afterwards escaped, but he was eventually arrested by police.[2][3]

In December 1922 he was to be transferred to Banjarmasin for his mental examination, but while travelling on the S.S. Alting he grabbed a klewang from one of his two guards, and after leaving both of them wounded, killed one passenger, and injured three others, two of them seriously.[4][5]

In January 1923 he was found to be insane and later transferred to a mental institution in Java.[6][7]


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